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Top 5 Act & Sip Events

December 9, 2019

By Nina DeGori


Planning an event can be difficult; planning one that will be both

unique and a crowdpleaser can be nearly impossible! Even in a city

as diverse as New York, it can be challenging to organize a distinctly original night on the town.

That’s where Act & Sip comes in— the only one of its kind, Act & Sip is like karaoke, but with acting. Here’s a list of the top 5 events that would be perfect to host at Act & Sip:

1. Girls’ Night Out/Bachelorette Party

If you’re looking for something off-beat to do with your girlfriends, either as the pregame before a night out or as the main event, Act & Sip could be the perfect place. Girls’ night out and bachelorette parties can be uniquely difficult to plan because oftentimes they involve pleasing friends from different social circles (who may not even have very much in common). Luckily, Act & Sip is an event that requires its participants to loosen up a bit and work together on scenes— often on comedic scenes that naturally lend themselves to a bit of silliness. Pair that with a sparkly wine and voila!

2. Office Team-Building

Office events and corporate team-building can often get a bit monotonous. Shake things up a bit with an Act & Sip class! The benefit of an Act & Sip class is that it’s likely to be a new experience for most, and it isn’t competitive; this allows co-workers to forget about the office hierarchy for once and just have fun! Plus, everyone enjoys an after-work drink to unwind from the stresses of a long day, so even the office’s Negative Nancy will be hard pressed to find something to complain about.

3. Birthday Party

The last thing anyone wants on their birthday is to be stressed out, but oftentimes that’s what happens when planning the party. On top of coordinating friends’ schedules, you have to pick a venue and a theme and decorations, etc. Simplify your next birthday party by having it at Act & Sip! All you have to do is bring the drinks (no, seriously, we even have baked goods provided by one of our very own)! Plus, what better way to celebrate YOU than having your friends watching you perform on an Off-Broadway stage?

4. First Date

Everyone knows that first dates can be awkward, but they’re a necessary evil in the search for the one. Breaking the ice, however, can oftentimes be the most awkward and difficult part, so instead of dinner and a movie, plan to do dinner and Act & Sip. Taking a class, such as Act & Sip, can be a low-pressure, organic way to break the ice.

Instead of focusing on “saying the right thing,” you can distract yourselves by focusing on the scenes instead! Afterwards, plan a romantic dinner and let your conversation about the experience of the class shift right into truly getting to know each other!


5. To Meet New Friends!

New York can be an isolating place, especially if you came here in pursuit of a dream, leaving your friends and family at home. If you’re tired of the regular bar scenes or work social events, it might be time to try something new! At Act & Sip, you’ll be able to organically meet new people while working on scenes, have a couple drinks (a natural social lubricant), and just have fun. Act & Sip isn’t just for big group events or parties; it can also be the perfect environment to let your guard down and make new friends!

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